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Latest Warship Encounter Brings Russian Protest Christopher P. Cavas, Defense News6:49 p.m. EDT June 28, 2016 WASHINGTON — The latest Russian-US kerfuffle at sea appears to feature a US warship making a close-in, high-speed pass on a Russian ship — but there may be more to the story than what a one-minute and two-second video shows. The incident took place June 17 […]

The Marines will remove the word ‘man’ from these 19 job titles Gina Harkins, Marine Corps Times6:55 p.m. EDT June 27, 2016 Thousands of Marines serving throughout the infantry and in other key positions are about to get new gender-neutral job titles, but the service’s top leaders are pushing to leave the word “man” in some of its most iconic occupations. In all, the Marine Corps […]

New US Navy Aircraft Carrier Will Launch Fighters Using Electromagnetic Force By Kris Osborn,, 16 Jun 16 Next year, the Navy plans to use electromagnetic force to launch an F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter jet up into the sky off of the deck of its emerging next-generation aircraft carrier next year – the USS Gerald R. Ford. An operational launch of the Navy’s Electro-Magnetic Aircraft […]

Navy’s “Klingon Bird of Prey” Passes Key Tests: LCS Trimaram

by SYDNEY J. FREEDBERG JR.on June 15, 2016 at 4:24 PM The strangest-looking ship in the Navy is conducting two crucial tests. A broad, triple-hulled “trimaran” design likened to a villain’s vessel from Star Trek, theIndependence-class Littoral Combat Ship completed its Initial Operational Test & Evaluation on June 3rd. What’s more, the Navy Sea Systems Command […]

After Three-Carrier Swap, USS GEORGE WASHINGTON (CVN-75) Preps for the Yards

By Meghann Myers, Navy Times, 8 Jun 16 ABOARD THE CARRIER GEORGE WASHINGTON, OFF THE NORTH CAROLINA COAST – A year ago, the carrier Theodore Roosevelt took off for a nine-month deployment to the Middle East. Now, 1,700 members of its crew are back in Norfolk aboard this flattop, which came back from seven years […]

Analysis: It’s Time for a Reexamination of Nuclear Weapons Requirements The $350 billion price tag for modernizing the United States’ nuclear arsenal has been a topic of endless debate in Washington. The funds would be spent over the coming decade to bring the nation’s nuclear triad up to date — the bombers, the submarines, the ground-based intercontinental ballistic missiles and the warheads. Little to […]

6th Annual RADM Collins Photo Gallery

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