Letter from the President


Greetings and a new Hello,

It’s been a while since we updated and a long time being active like we were. We have been busy with two commissioning of Fast Response Cutters of the Coast Guard about two months apart in 2022. The USCGC John Scheuerman (WPC1146) and USCGC Pablo Valent (WPC1148). Commandant Admiral Karl Schultz with Lt. Trent Moon brought the ship to life at Tampa Port on February 23, 2022.

The USCGC Pablo Valent was brought to life by Admiral McPherson District and CO Eli Mauer on May
11 th , 2022, at the St. Pete Sector. The attendance was overwhelming with support from the Community.

Bring these two events in 2022 awaken our community and in January 2023 we co-sponsored the Salute to the Coast Guard with the Tampa Propeller Club. Admiral McPherson was the guest speaker.

Then the Secretary of the Navy ask Tampa Bay Navy League and the City of Tampa to host the commissioning of the USS Jack H. Lucas (DDG125) In late fall 2023.

This a bucket list event for our community and the 400,000 veterans and other Patriots that live in Tampa Bay. This new ship is the First of the 3 rd Generation of Destroyers named after an indestructible hero JACK H LUCAS, a WW2 Medal of Honor recipient. We are excited about bringing to life a new destroyer and it will make us stronger in our sea services.

In addition, this year soon, you will see the events we have scheduled and the approximate time of the upcoming schedule for 2023. From Presentation of Navy Sword to the top Commission Officer at the NROTC at the University of South Florida.

Also, a Sea Cadet Picnic to hear from the Cadets firsthand about the advanced training they will do this summer. In addition to the Admiral LeRoy Collins Jr Academy Dinner in Mid-May and our Tampa Bay Navy Ball in October. In around the same time of the Commissioning.

Lots of work for us all and we need your help. We need volunteers and ask your friends to join us.

Tampa Bay was the leader in the new Active-Duty Military joining the Navy League and tied for most members in the Florida Region. We are going strong again and we need your assistance and volunteerism. We thank you for your support from the past and look forward to meeting us all again.