Letter from the President


SUBJ: Tampa Bay Council Vision, Goals, and Objectives

Our vision, goals and objectives are the following:
1. To build on the rich history of the Tampa Bay Council and leverage the strong
support from the Bay Region.
2. To communicate and carry out the three key missions of the Navy League: to
enhance the morale of active duty personnel and their families; to inform Congress
and the American public on the importance of strong sea services; and to support
youth through programs such as the Naval Sea Cadet Corps and Junior ROTC
that expose young people to the values of our sea services.
3. To recruit new members into this mission and engage these members as officers
and leaders as appropriate and to solicit engagement from current members where
4. To provide an opportunity for individuals to contribute to Navy League and Sea
Service causes through the auspices of the council.
5. To align, coordinate and communicate with the efforts of the local Sea Services,
not limited to the various local Command and Recruiting Organizations and to
provide support as possible.
6. To provide an environment of camaraderie and satisfaction for those who sacrifice
their time, talent, and treasure to support the great work of the Navy League of the
United States.
7. To communicate regularly with all members and key contacts about upcoming
events and special projects throughout the year.

Very respectfully,

Kevin D. MacFarland, Sr.,
President – Tampa Bay Council
Navy League of the United States

Navy League of the United States
Kevin D. MacFarland, Sr.
Tampa Bay Council
19110 White Wing Place
Tampa, Florida 33647-3003
Telephone: 813-777-1345